expert security advice

Incident Response

If you have suffered a security incident and need third-party assurance or external audit, we can help in your investigation. Your security incident may be time-critical - please call us on 07779 270405 for emergency incident response.

Need an audit or a secure network?

We have the skills to help you in the battle to keep your data secure, whether this takes the form of an independent audit or the installation of a segregated secure network. We are highly experienced in network and information security and are active members of the IT security community. We have delivered security services to the healthcare sector, police, criminal justice providers, and the security industry. We have worked on systems which process sensitive personal data, high-value assets and security-marked/classified information.


Are you a criminal justice practitioner that needs to be connected to Criminal Justice Secure eMail? We can help you no matter where you are in the process, from sponsored to up-and-running.

Relevant skills: Cisco, Linux, Windows, firewalls, intrusion detection, forensics, threat analysis, risk management, audit, penetration testing.