how can your business make best use of networks?

Do you have growing demands on the Internet, with connectivity becoming critical to business operations? Without knowledge and experience networks can be complex, unreliable, and insecure.

You need secure and reliable networks that work. You want to focus on business and not on technology. This is where we can help, because we specialise in:

For example, on behalf of a recent client we approached the major telcos and other local providers for connectivity options and costing. We have negotiated pricing and contract terms, and made recommendations of the best technologies available for the project. We project managed the communications providers to speed progress. We then configured and deployed the client's network routers.

Relevant networking skills: Cisco, BGP, IPSec, VoIP, ProCurve, Quagga/Zebra, RADIUS, LDAP, DNS, DNSSEC, DHCP.